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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ex Drummer

Belgian Bluff Blast

Utilizing a Herman Brusselmans book by the title Ex Drummer, Belgian director Koen Mortimer has made a stupendous motion picture debut - only problem we have to face is that he made all that in some ambiguous parallel universe, unknown to our species as of today. I am sort of aware how dangerous it is to be NOT blown away by a flick which profoundly renders the negative borderfields of any given civilized society, as the act of presenting zombie-existences via people pissing into sinks and practically watching their kid die while fighting each other immediately delivers the utterly false outlines of a highly accurate and honest socio criticism - yet a filmmaker with such shallow of an agenda made nothing but declared his characters to be little more than semi-animals, also he made a clear, though unspoken statement on how he anticipates the explicit showoff of superstale existences to be an attraction of ruthless convince power and originality - and and endless source of quality jokes to entertain you with, too. Ex Drummer is satisfied with all that nevertheless, even better: it lives up to these bizarre appeals in a coherent, convincing manner.

Let us see what exactly this recent movie Ex Drummer has in store for it's spector. You have some massive smoker dude. A writer. He is highly original, because he has Modern Talking hairstyle and talks about massively personal stuff all the time as you would have asked for it, though you did not. You have a small party of thee handicapped men. They are looking for forming their very own music band upon the notion of how cool it would be to establish a group composed of handicapped people. The idea is cool, indeed - exploitation of it's merits are abruptly accomplished though, victimizing the defendable creative output to show off senseless inner degenerations as the aforementioned handicaps. Interestingly however, these conscious decisions to miss out on seemingly legit plot elements just to substitute them with hilarious, rampant nonsense does move the piece unto unusual, though not quite yet solid fields.

Picture this nutfeast: one of the handicapped men beats up women brutally to release some supersick frustration which's origin you don't want to be aware of, the other one is deaf, and the third have trouble moving his upper (lower?) lip.

Cool design.

Now, they seek out the writer dude to ask him to join their band as drummer, and the penspinner agrees to do that - he is the one who shares his story - and pretty much his life [sex scenes are of course included and rather graphically presented] - with you concerning his career with the highly ambitious formation.

Personally I have never been to Belgium before, but it is interesting to see that zombie people who stuck unto the zombie "lifeform" are leading a similarly stale life even at such a nice and rich place. It all depends how you decide to relate to the movie's content, as it is nothing less or nothing more than precise renditions of everyday moments/conflicts of the no-life of these individuals. The usual, lower-section humor appeals are more than ready to invite you to stick around and have your highly anticipated laughs at the somewhat shallow peek moments Ex Drummer manages to cough into your face. I'll give you an actual example of the delicacies going on here, please skip this section to the consecutive one if to remain eager to confront all laughters via their profound, native forms. So. One of the handicapped men have a temporal limb problem, as sometimes he has difficulty to arrange his forearm to form a straight line with his upper arm and elbow. As it quickly turns out, this is a result of a psychosomatic trauma he suffered, as his mom happened to open the door upon him when he was close to ejaculation, masturbating like: maaad. Ahhhahahah. Ohhhohohoh. This is so humane, so cute, and so honest. I hope to see loads of and loads of further narrative punchlines like this, after all, not many seen or heard Woody Alan, the guy who told way more of this kind of jokes than ever was worth telling or laughing at.

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Ex Drummer at least takes itself seriously at it's core, yet never fails to crawe evidently for these almost-humorous appeals to give tested method of revealing sub-zero humane existences driven by sub-zero ambitions away. You are anticipated to quickly and thoroughly get convinced of what a bombastic, honest, and rampant piece of art you have chance to witness, yet it's most significant appeal remains it's sheer, persistent ignorance towards the viewer. A trait that is strong enough to leave an impression in you, yet it would gain true power and evidently acceptable form with a more decent narrative buildup to support this unusual directional choice.

In fact, as it was hinted at, graphic, in my opinion even highly redundant violence against some poor chick with exquisite legs is shown hastily to make a statement on how Ex Drummer does not give a dime with two lost holes in it for your cautious, comfy expectations or personal taste,

though personal tastes are the most boring entities in this here world, on this, you should trust me

So this flick must have that badass appeal to it, no? Definitely. It has the badass appeal to it. But it has no clue about what to do with it just yet. This here is a problem.

The narrative buildup introduces a very slight, cautious attempt to render serious social commentary at times, yet the main form and method the fabric develops in tends to boil down to offer you jokes with hastily drawn drama disguises on them, assuming that the almost hopeless emotional/intellectual states the characters are suffering from will guarantee your most splendid enjoyment of a film wisely chosen, and a time well spent. Ex Drummer is the movie which tries to be bombastic via the immense self neglect and ignorance it's characters are living with and by, yet depicts and thoroughly delivers all these strange appeals without any relevant message present to worth deciphering, thus ignorance and self neglect are not the driving factors here, but the main attractions you are to laugh out loudly at. Don't fall in for the end sequence, either. That is not creativity, rampant. That is but ignorance, rampant. And also that is why Ex Drummer weights in as a defendable debut effort in the long run, as not many motion picture dares to show ignorance rampant, regardless that such a thing is a definite SOMEthing to behold.

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