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Monday, September 21, 2009

UFC 103 Franklin VS Belfort

now with amazing gif animations

- Rich Franklin VS Vitor Belfort

- Mirko CroCop VS Junior Dos Santos

Though many may consider men who enter an mma proving ground little more than hired human pitbulls ripping each other apart for massive money and radical amusement, I tend to reject this view via a yawn of black hole, concluding that professional level mma is the combat of highly disciplined human spirits, opposing each other for but the duration of the bout, probably ending up as unified in the process as we could conceive, simply through their magnificent shared experience of being in a cage where the damage one suffers is the wit one failed to exhibit. That is how, in my opinion, the mma fighter fights against herself/himself. The reaction of one's opponent is the reaction to whatever one could offer as offense.

Notice that the ultimately glorious moments of mixed martial arts are not of those of KOs and submissions. They are of those of hugging the formal rival at the end of the bout, circulating the most honest, pure respect spirit and related (?) intelligence may come upon, the limitless respect each fighter deserves simply by making an attempt of expressing themselves thoroughly, honestly on the proving grounds. The biggest respect one could give is the assumption that one needs every skills- and wits to neutralize the rival. A fight is nothing less than the expression of these skill sets, put though to the test utterly and completely, instead of infinitely theorizing about them. The most glorious moment of the bout emerges in the form of the ensuing peace between the fighters, a legit, palpable sensation, unifying the former enemies and the grateful audience once the collision reached its conclusion.

This is a review of the latest UFC event to date, UFC 103 - Franklin VS Belfort.

Introductory thoughts about the more significant lineups

UFC 103 brings you illustrious mma sensation Vitor Belfort taking on Rich Franklin, who - as UFC commentator Mike Goldberg sanely observes - does not exactly have a hard time taking on steep challenges. Coming off from recent fights against top of the food chain mma legends like Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva, The Ace resonates pure professionalism in the prefight interviews, pointing out how he is aware of Belfort's exceptional abilities, - speed and accuracy, particularly - yet it is not the first time the former math teacher steps up against world class competition. In fact, you could hardly see Franklin in anything else than world class collisions. Only Anderson Silva could crush him so far, but we are yet to see someone who confronted The Spider and avoided getting crushed or getting utterly outclassed.

Mirko CroCop states that he does not know if he will capture the UFC Heavyweight Title, but he knows he will die trying. This is a statement of epic proportions, no doubt and the night will answer a casual-, yet integrally related question about the seriousness of it, as well. Can Mirko CroCop stop talented Brazilian mma promise Junior Dos Santos? He surely should if he is to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the octagon, as Mirko's performances in the UFC were well below expectation levels.

Tyson Griffin VS Hermes Franca

An even-, relatively uneventful first round unfolds with short, yet passionate exchanges whenever the warriors show readiness to engage one another beyond the consensus feeling out boundaries. This tempo exhibits keen willingness to characterize the match further on in the second period, yet Tyson manages to land a decent right hand to knock his pink haired rival down. A short and effective ground and pound assault enters and entertains consensus in the octagon. Hermes Franca - pink paint comes in separate package - shows initial readiness to escape, but crazy little thing/mental construct called destiny eventually seals the role of the defeated for him, well defined courtesy of Griffin's accurate air to ground missiles. Check this vulgar display of power in this amazing gif animation.

Paul Daley VS Martin Kampmann

Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann is a fighter the UFC is fond of giving matches to and understandably so. Firts of all, Martin Kampmann has a charisma-, a face, primarily. And has the mad skills, too. Even the

m4d0r skillz0rz, br4d4!

The Danish warrior prefers a standup battle and is never afraid to engage and exchange. Though Kampmann has tasted the feeling of being utterly steamrolled before and he obtained this metaspiritual - metaphysical - experience by the ruthless fists of none other than Nate "The Great" Marquardt in UFC 88 Breakthrough, many maintain the belief that repetition is among the sweetest mates of remembrance. Therefore, The Hitman gets his ass handed to him once again by an extremely technical Paul Daley who manages to surprise both the Danish talent and the audience by his high level showcase of quality standup skills.

The Hitman expresses his dissatisfaction of the stoppage, but, paranormal experience Joe Rogan speaks the truth this time: Referee Yves Lavigne protected Kampmann from being unnecessarily hurt. Like: being knocked unconscious. Sure, Kampmann remained on his feet. But the fact that he he had little if any knowledge of this, is closer to certain than tree jackpots in a row is, one must suspect. No, I was joking. At least, it was my attempt at that. Maybe Lavigne should have had let Daley land some more bombs on The Hitman to see if the Danish talent is able to recover - yet the impressions is rather strong that he was seriously hurt and why take risks that are - I won't escape from this - very risky?

Mirko CroCop VS Junior Dos Santos

CroCop lets Dos Santos take the initiative. Both fighters find success in the introductory exchanges, then, when the pace takes on the calmer rhythm that it seemingly was aiming for from the start, the fighters deliver a tactical battle. Not of the tic-tac-toe, though! It is of the toe-to-toe! Hey, thank you for sticking around. You are hardcore, baby. Though CroCop lets Dos Santos to be the aggressor, the Pride! veteran expresses strict control by answering the attacks of the Brazilian Promise with more efficient replies.

In the second round, Mirko spends his time in pretty much constant defensive stance, probably charging up his left leg. Dos Santos attacks, CroCop grabs him and shakes him off. This happens about ten times in a row. Both fighters manage to land some solid shots in the round, though one has to have the impression that Dos Santos was more efficient due to his readiness to take the initiative. Mirko lands an accidental low blow.

In the third and final round, CroCop comes out with much more aggressiveness but eventually finds himself massively rebounded by knees to the body and even to the head. Though Dos Santos' counters are pretty effective, CroCop tries to summon the wits to make a comeback - interrupted though by an uppercut that causes interference in the veteran's vision. Fortunately, Mirko seems to see on after the match. Which, due to a verbal submission by the Pride! veteran: comes to a conclusion in the final round. A remarkable victory for Dos Santos, no doubt. As for Mirko, it remains more questionable than ever if we will be able to see him throwing a highlight reel head kick in the octagon.

Rich Franklin VS Vitor Belfort

Belfort is known for the unique speed he possesses and the most convincing method of assuring the audience that the speed is intact-, accessible-, AND ready to be unleashed, is to: unleash it. Rich Franklin is one of the most mature mixed martial artists on planet Earth and one has to have and cultivate the impression that even he is surprised by the speed Vitor explodes into a flurry of ruthless efficiency with when the split second is right to introduce the assault. This match turned out as it was predicted by Randy Couture, since, what Randy Couture predicted is depicted below and it sure as hell correlates with what Randy Couture predicted. Cool, hu'!

Can you spot the insane speed variant?

Frank Trigg VS Josh Koscheck

Mma veteran Frank Trigg expresses that the fighter who he is stepping up against now, is reminding him of his - Trigg's - former self. Koscheck rejects the idea and states that he does not like to be compared to anyone. Yet, once he is confronted with Trigg's words of how the veteran regards Koscheck as a younger version of himself, - still Trigg's - Josh expresses: "Well, then this younger version of THAT fighter probably will kick the shit out of the older." As for the result - the Referee puts an end to the contest 3:36 in the first round. Technical knockout victory for Josh Koscheck.

A decent night of fights with Mirko CroCop's trademark head kick nowhere to be found in it. So Opinion Onion gives you one via an amazing gif animation. This gif animation shows off how Mirko CroCop demolishes an opponent utilizing his total brutal left kick of laser beam accuracy and related epic awesomeness. Thank you, come again!

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