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Monday, September 8, 2008

UFC 88 Breakthrough review

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Mixed martial arts clearly became a significant form of both mass entertainment and - as Bruce Lee put it - an expression of the human body, the latter being, no doubt, the original field of operation of these ancient traditions, now living and breathing through competitive events around the world. Though many may consider men who enter the proving grounds little more than hired human pitbulls to rip each other apart for hard cash and radical amusement, I tend to utterly reject this rudimentary view, concluding that professional level mma is the combat of highly disciplined human spirits, opposing each other for the duration of the bout, probably ending up as unified in the process as we could conceive, simply through their magnificent shared experience of being in a cage where the damage one suffers is the wit one failed to exhibit. That is how, in my opinion, the mma fighter fights against herself/himself.

Japanese people compete to gain an insight of their own current abilities through the collision process of their skills with that of other's. To me, the ultimately glorious moments of mixed martial arts are not of those of KOs and submissions. They are of those of hugging the formal rival at the end of the bout, circulating the most honest, uncompromised, pure respect each fighter deserves simply by stating themselves on the proving grounds, regardless of the results. The ensuing peace between fighters after a good collision is such a palpable, legit sensation that it never got old so far - and won't ever will.

This here is a review of the UFC event UFC 88 Breakthrough, time to punch that Read more button, baby!

Introductory thoughts about the more significant lineups

The event offers collisions with major possibilities of upsets to them, as immensely talented Underdogs do step up against accomplished veterans of supreme mma reputation and top level marketing value herein. Surely, the UFC is quite good both at spotting- and even inventing talent for the fight game, an assertion firmly supported by the impressive warrior palette the organization's very own breeding industry have created, continuing to do that as we witness the now-top level performance of the current generation.

Indeed, we do talk about the Ultimate Fighter Reality TV show. Winner of the first season of the program in question, Forrest Griffin is now the reigning Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC, while Rashad Evans, winner of the second season is yet to find a victor over his mma skill set by this here night that invites Underdogs to deliver their Breakthrough(s). Evans is ready to face off against Chuck Liddell, who seems quite ready to "overhand-right" himself all the way to Forrest to reclaim the Light Heavyweight title, which he - Chuck - held for a neat, comfy, minor eternity. Rampage Jackson came along though, just to radically howl the impression of any neat, comfy, though well developed eternities away, an act presented through his second knockout victory over The Liddell Thing.

Well, Forrest scored both a decision win and a Belt over Rampage in the perplexedly titled UFC 86 Jackson VS Griffin event though, a night by which - according to the delicate, though rather improbable suggestion - Jackson and Griffin indeed waged war against each other. Liddell remained an evident contender nevertheless with his prestigious win over Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva in UFC 79 Nemesis, yet, evident talent both must be dealt with and be presented by a field/opportunity to truly manifest on and by - so, why not see if Rashad "Sugar" Evans can stop The Liddell Thing and emerge as Challenger against Forrest Griffin?

Rich "Ace" (Ventura) Franklin is back in town, too. He faces intact contender and fellow training partner, Matt Hamill. A win over Rich Franklin is a rare, exquisite trophy for everyone, on THIS, you should trust me. Never, never, never forget that only Anderson Silva, and, back in ancient times, Lyoto Machida could stop the former math teacher so far. The Ace always plays a very sober, "Rich"ly - SIC! -technical, and, I dare say this: even GRACEFUL game, you will hardly catch him red handed or in superaggressor mode when he performs in the Octagon. His delivery against masterful Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Travis Luther in UFC 83 Serra VS St. Pierre 2 was - and still is - a thorough demonstration of how good and graceful the style of the Ace truly is. Did Anderson Silva beat him twice? Yes, he did. But The Spider destroys everyone ever since he is in the UFC, the antidote is yet to be researched for the lethal venom he elegantly pours and unleashes, no doubt. This is something that puts Anderson Silva waaaay above the prospects you would normally count with, and definitely not something to imply that Franklin would lack the ability to dominate warriors of absolutely top level qualities. Made sense? Is it more like - it's making it right now? Let us hope it will, once we know how the Matt Hamill VS Rich Franklin bout turned out.

Jason MacDonald vs Jason Lambert

As of today, these two Jasons both seem to fill a Gatekeeper position in the UFC. They perform greatly against newcomers, yet they often end up having a hard time when their own advancement is at stake. Notice how Jason MacDonald relates to the concept of stepping stones, and also notice the results when Jason "The Punisher" Lambert forgets about the concept of defense in order to summon Punishment. It's still impossible to dismiss Respect - Rampant when these fighters are scientifically considered, since, no matter how rhapsodic their respective careers are recently, they go out there anyway and struggle - quite literally, I suppose? - to get better, to perform better. The UFC made a sober matchup by colliding these two charismatic Gatekeeper characters, an occasion by which MacDonald proves to us that he learned to use the weapon that was unleashed on him in UFC 87 Seek and Destroy. Though even Lambert himself is able to execute a rather intact submission attempt in the first period, the bell does save MacDonald's tenacious sitorgan, thus The Athlete comes back with fierce vengeance in the second round - just to offer his own variant of the similar kind of proving ground welcoming. Rear naked choke. A successful attempt. Other than that, though: a relatively cautious and desperate bout. No wonder, since both fighter needed a win - especially The Punisher. MacDonald goes away with the W and solidifies as Gatekeeper, yet Lambert is on a losing streak now composed of no less than three consecutive losses. I certainly hope to see this fighter again soon, yet he definitely, most definitely, even mooost defffinitely needs to get his -



Matt Brown vs Don Hyun Kim

It's hard to decide whether South Korean warrior Don Hyun Kim or his opponent, Jason Tan looked better in their fight in UFC 84 Ill WIll, and here is why: Kim unleashed twice the number of elbows that ever existed and will exist in the W.W.World, yet Jason Tan ate those in as they would have been about as hostile as a friendly tap on the shoulder. Kim starts out strong against former Ultimate Fighter contestant, Matt Brown. While the story of the first round is the South Korean's ability to maintain rather unorthodox- and effective submission attempts from similarly unorthodox positions, Matt Brown demonstrates exceptional wits and mental toughness, adjusting his gameplay of totally competent elements in a way and tempo Kim is unable to keep up to this time around, pretty much getting controlled- and stalked around by his sober, tenacious rival in the consecutive periods. Yet, at the final moments, Kim utilizes a takedown, then unleashes successful punishment via an elbow that cuts Matt up. That action itself and the consecutive attacks from the South Korean comes short of stopping power, though. A decision is formed, which, quite arguably in my opinion, goes for Kim. The audience is rather unhappy about the outcome, too. Kim gives a humble victory interview in which he practically apologizes for his current performance, while Matt Brown states that he fights for the fans, and not fur the judges, so he hopes he delivered what they wanted to see. Sure as Heaven/Hell - pick, please - he did! This is the most laughable decision I have seen so far in the UFC, I must say. It's not Kim's fault, of course. It's the fault of the judges though, and a fault of theirs, it is. Period. "."

Roan Carneiro vs Ryo Chonan

If you ever to embark on an amazing journey unto a mysterious, rectangular island with nothing but a DVD player on it that plays the UFC fight of your choice 24/7 - then this fight is the last one you want to pick. A match that remains a nice test of endurance, nevertheless. More so for you though, than for these veeery (weary?) warriors.

Thiago Tavares vs Kurt Pellegrino

Scarce are the times when you witness a truly impressive comeback in the Octagon, this particular collision delivers one for you. Though the match itself goes for the distance AND for the decision after a relatively shallow amount of peak developments, the first round leaves a rather weary Tavares on the ground: while most fighters would have had cite the

Thank you for the opportunity, I'll Come Again!,

Thiago comes back right here and right now, rendering a rather competent performance against Pellegrino, failing though to deliver significant damage to turn the tide of the collision at the end of the day.
Or, even at the end of the bout, for that matter.

Nate Marquardt vs Martin Kampmann

A focal point of the night, no doubt. Exhibiting sane, well controlled, well projected and persistent aggression, Marquardt essentially outclasses Martin Kampmann this time around in a quite brief, but nevertheless very rewarding chess match. Though Kampmann is present and IS aware of what is going on, Nate simply is aware of - sorry 'bout that - what exactly Kampmann is aware of - thus forming, relying on attacks that do come out of nowhere. Every combination you can find in the book is unleashed from every angle and by every rhytmization you can think of. This here bout is a very rigorous, strict Nate Marquardt carnage that never lefts place for an answer, and here is why: the carnage never STOPS to see if an answer is imminent at the first place. Marquardt's movement and attacks are so accurate that Martin is forced to remain both in retreat- and in active defense all along. Notice the expression on Kampmann's face after the fight. It's quite easy to read. He knows perfectly well that he just took his share in a very entertaining, and, for him: very useful fight, also he faced a kind of opposition which did demand nothing less but a world class level skill set to form an escape route, or a competent answer from. The look on Kampmann's face is an acknowledgment: "I can't play this game on this level yet. Not yet." Nate Marquardt dominates via pinpoint accuracy, consorting with extremely well controlled- and well directed aggression. Short, it might be: a classic match it is, nevertheless.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares

Rousimar Palhares is a master of Origami, yet the substance he works with is not paper, but human physical, and, probably, even mental buildup. Mma legend Dan Henderson did not have much success in the UFC lately, yet we must take into consideration that he faced Rampage Jackson and Anderson Silva - losing against them does not exactly throw you out of the mma mix. Yet a win over Hendo would instantly fly one way high in the rankings, thus Palhares, this notoriously strong and technical Jiu-Jitsu master with granite chin included - may score an upset herein.

A truly rewarding match you witness with a rather logical, healthy pace, and respective agendas to it. Hendo wants to release his notoriously effective strikes, while Palhares would keenly take the legendary warrior to the ground to present him to his sick Jiu-Jitsu arsenal. A well balanced and immensely competive meeting, Rousimar shows a rather convincing readiness to trade with Hendo in the standup with evident hopes of taking the legend to surface level. The Jiu-Jitsu practitioner eats in quite some strikes of blatant power along the way, yet manages to stay in the game, even goes for a couple of cleverly timed submission attempts. Hendo is not a new face on the ground either, though: he escapes from the about-to-get-dire situations Palhares is rather fond at offering, letting you enjoy a collision in which both fighters do exhibit a strict devotion both to their respective, preferred style of fighting AND the probable gameplay they came in with. It is Rousimar though who takes more risks. AND more punches, too. A deserved decision goes for Hendo, especially when you consider the moments he wraps the confrontation up with. Whoh! That falling-hammer punch. How come it had seemingly 0, siro, ZERO effect on the exceptional warrior Palhares is? Even Henderson delivers a friendly compliment for his prior rival, stating: "That's a hell of chin, friend!" - or something like that. Oh, and that was one hell of match, just to team this evident assertion up nicely with the quality of the chin Rousimar Palhares does sport. The dude has immense promise, as his standup looks quite inventive, brave, and, in general: much more integral than I expected it to look like.

Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill

Rich Franklin rises. Rich Franklin shines. Pretty much this is the story of this match. He throws flamboyant, very elegant combinations all over the pla... all over the head and body, and you can see that he could do that all day long. Credit goes for Matt Hamill for staying in the game until the third round, though it is safe to say that by the time in question, his gameplay is massively reduced to integral defense work. Finally The Ace connects with a Bass Rutten style liver kick - and that particular assault is more than enough to wrap this one up. That was the beginning of an even more beautiful friendship. As friends - they came in, as rivals - they played. As good friends - they leave the proving ground. Handkerchiefs are available at the information desk, thank you, please come again.

Rashad Evans vs Chuck Liddell

There are fights that you have lost before you even started them. I already voiced this opinion in my highly paranormal Matt Serra vs GSP 2 review, yet this particular night takes this concept to an interesting, whole new dimension. Let me tell you something: Rashad Evans came here to lose.

Rashad. Evans. Did. Not. Belive. Not. For. A. Second. That. He. Will. Crush. The. Liddell. Thing's. Butt. Tonight.

And suppose what: he did. Big time. Man, Chuck looked so awesome, so Iceman in the fight! But he got a taste of his very own trademark punch - a huge overhand right connects in the second round. Chuck goes out. The Knocked Out Cold type of KO. Thank God he recovered, as the neck nudge seems as pronounced as I ever want to see either in an mma contest or in any other context. Rhyme! Whine? OK, sorry. Immense credit and all hats, and hair off for the Rashad dude. But let me tell you: he is not happy with this win. He lost this match mentally, that is what I think. He feared Chuck. You can see it in his movement. In his Octagon behavior. Hint: Liddell connects with a rather decent softening punch that sends Rashad all the way to the fence. Rashad starts to laugh. Bah! Inept, and an evident indication, acknowledgment of being hurt. An important note: I totally admire Evans both for stepping into the cage with The Iceman, AND for knocking him out silly. But Rashad, Chuck, God and me - we all do know that he feared The Liddell Thing, thus his victory necessarily is spoiled. I would draw your attention to the fact that even he - Rashad - does not make a secret of this. Watch the subtle facial expressions, the metacommunication. The body language. It was a lucky shot and he knows it. There is nothing wrong with a lucky shot. There is much more wrong with knowing that you won by one. Suffice it to say that I have zero dislike factor towards the Sugar dude. Honestly. I merely wish to point out that he wanted to FIGHT with Chuck - he wanted to defeat Chuck by FIGHTING him. But my impression is that once he started to fight him - he considered himself the dude who has to lose tonight. Just check Rashad's face after the KO: he seems to feel a strange kind of regret, almost. Funny thing, truly funny thing. You can't win over a man you fear from, no matter if you knocked his ass out. Rashad feared Chuck today, and I think he would totally admit it.

It will be interesting to see what the UFC will come up with. Will Rashad step up against Forrest? I merely ask this question because you shouldn't have the slightest doubt that UFC President Dana White and the UFC, as a marketing factor/entity wanted Chuck to win. Chuck VS Forrest is a path you want to take. Let us see if Rashad VS Forrest will be the path THEY - the UFC and the aforementioned great players - need to take. Either way, you can't really come out wrong anymore. Rashad VS Chuck 2, Forrest VS any of the two are all matches you no longer can miss out on.

Tim Boetsch vs Mike Patt

Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch came to the UFC with a performance rather credible to the nickname of its executor: he essentialy grinded down David Heath with rampant aggressivity with not much - if any - regards of a feeling out process and considerations of personal safety. By that cited UFC debut at UFC 81 Breaking Point, Boetsch threws his rival around as you would throw bad looks at the mirror when having your very next- and very private bad hair day. Boetsch's personal style remains highly devoted to this method of surprisingly inventive and radically raw conflict solving, quickly dipsosing of newcomer Mike Patt with two cleverly timed- and precisely placed bombs. The first is the rumble to warn both Patt and you about the imminent storm - the second: is the thunder itself, baby - coming to Patt as side effect of the second impact. Boetsch jumps in for the kill, a Referee stoppage puts an end to furthter, unnecessary destruction. Surely, Patt acts relatively unstatisfied with the stoppage. But I have an impression that he could have been TRULY unsatisfied in case the aforementioned unsatisfaction would have been deprived of him. Strange is the world of mma, no? Tim Boetsch is Za' Man on the other hand, no doubt. We want to see this fighter against top level opposition, and we want to see it SOONNUFF!

A great night, and a great upset radiating psychological appeals, though these might be only my personal inventions. But! What! If! They! Are! Not! Even the voices do suggest that! I hope you had a fine evening and found the review useful. Thank you for reading it, and see you next time.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet Dave

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Brian Robbins gives you Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave, a promising story written by Ron Greenberg and Bill Corbett. Though the basic assumptions are rather intact-, even inventive, a massively weak execution factor and an evident hard time of creating strong comedy all do make this movie something you must endure rather than something to find rampant, or even steady amusement in.

Eddie Murphy though still is Za' Man, thus his very presence and absolutely hilarious little, cite that I, herein: LITTLE moments of nevertheless huge comedy do save some - not too much though - of this superscarce effort at a sci-fi laughfest. Come, Meet Dave, then forget you ever saw him, as he will, too, forget that he was ever part of consensus reality.

Meet Dave takes a thorough glimpse at narrative suicide by the very moment the movie starts to reveal its core buildup. Murphy portrays both a giant spaceship AND the captain of the aforementioned construct, which is operated by tiny alien humanoids looking for a way to save their home planet by exploiting the salt resources of this here planet you likely read this on. If you read it from some other places, then please either contact me or a doctor.

The movie has a staggeringly hard time creating interest factor when it shows the cockpit of the spaceship, - which it does show thoroughly and persistently - giving you a crew discussing casual earthy matters with the casual poker face all around the intricate plastic instruments of inconceivable alien technology. I will even give you something to get mildly irritated about: notice that each time the cockpit is shown, some rather well framed chicks will roam around in the background. It always happening, every single time the cockpit is shown. I think it is just a coincidence that we are missing hearing the director yelling out: "OK guys, we're rolling, CHICKS, prepare to walk in my background casually! Aaaaaand: ACTION!"

Even Eddie sucks, even SUCKSES in these cockpit moments: he surely gives us his trademark eyeballing to the sides twice/second, but once you do realize that this very gesture is the best that you will observe in the cockpit: then you will follow his example and start eyeballing yourself, trust me.

Statement: the story itself invites you to shake hands with Decent Nausea, coated in the imminent stench of Staleness - Rampant. Solidification: once upon a time, there was this Pooooor little Feeeellaaa with Seaweed on Head, who have been bullied by the evil bigger dudettes in the school, and his father was a Hero but he died, but now he - the Poor Little Fella with Seaweed on Head - found an Alien Artifact which Murphy himself is looking for, so the little kiddo and Eddie will meet - Meet Dave - and the protagonist will teach the friendly little guy that:

You Should Take Pride In Being Different!

Eddie even will kick the hostile Big Fat Ass of the bullier, handkerchiefs are available at the reception, Thank you, please Come Again! The stale, and, fortunately long forgotten American Narrative Arrogance stalks you herein, and here is how: the real life Big Fatass Brada' will take Weirdo Google's lunch after Seeing Dave anyway, and others will laugh at Weirdo Google after the event. Every director implying that he won't take it and they won't laugh, did nothing but chose to reveal a Dreamworld which HE - the director - prefers to believe Life truly unravels as. Sorry, as of today, I tend to think that there is a Function in the Bully and there is a Function in the Bullied. All these aspects will form Life into what - Life truly IS. While the movie Hancock deals with this issue in an absolutely contemporary, honest, humorous and proper manner, Meet Dave takes a retrograde, pretentious stance which craves immense pleasure in its very own, meaningless, shallow salivation. Great. Not.

THIS expression by Eddie is Instant Classic though.

Creators of Meet Dave are immensely fixated to the respective concepts of a steadily unelaborate "Love" and uninventive Earth Fetishism, as the viewer would necessarily lack the capacity of feel "proper love" and/or being baffled by Earth's beauty either constantly or at will. Do I sound like an accomplished idiot by blaming the movie for these elements? I think these clumsy narrative assertions are absolutely mispresented and serve no purpose saved filling gaps - unsuccessfully - that the creators felt as present. They ARE present, sure. Main reason: the entire movie is a gap. A gap of Laughs that Should Have-, yet Never Happened.

At the end of day, the creators won't really have anything more to say to us than Earth is a whunnuderfull place and you should EMBRACE your latent homosexuality if and when need arises, and OH!, say YES and YES again to LIFE! But of course! We already did all these, - take your option(s) - that's why we decided to check out a new Eddie Murphy comedy, as he is famous to resonate exquisite registers of good laughs. He will do that here, as well, on some painfully rare occasions. On very brief occasions as well, as the excuse for a script naturally unleashes dire straits on him. Murphy will hilariously imitate the Bee Gees in the movie though, and he will even imitate the Bee Gees in a hilarious manner.

Other than that, though: he will take his part in absolutely unfunny and failed attempts at retarded humor on consecutive occasions. Getting the hint? Failing at revealing retarded humor is rather - unfortunate, yes? The handshake gesture. Please leave a comment if you managed to laugh at this particular joke which is a reoccurring one in the film. What an impotent attempt! It's a shame, truly, as I laughed for loong long minutes at the very first joke Meet Dave delivers. SPOILER! When the spaceship learns the gesture of smiling, and Murphy tries to mimic it. His amazing rendition is not something you can endure without well developed pains in the stomach. SPOILER!

Meet Dave had potential and promise, yet these possible benefits all have been victimized and been shortly, steadily killed along the way, the movie hardly reaches the point by which it should have been considered as an output with directions it is believing in. At the end of the day, I suppose we could say that Meet Dave is clumsy and impotent enough to gain some sympathy, thus, surely I offer the second Onion with Grace. Thank you Eddie, Please Come Again!

All right, dude! You got 48 hours to live!

- and the message arrived yesterday

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