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Monday, April 27, 2009

UFC 97 Redemption Review

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A review of the mma event UFC 97 Redemption.

Anderson Silva Dominates Thales Leites in Tactical Battle

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva emerges triumphant after his title defense against Thales Leites. It is the first time Silva had to go for the distance in the octagon, keeping the opposition under stiff control, suffering virtually no damage during the 25 minutes the collision lasted for. Many have criticized Anderson Silva's performance in UFC 90, when he could not showcase his arsenal due to a spontaneous knee injury suffered by his then-opponent, Patrick Cote. Though Silva finishes his rivals once he spots openings he can capitalize on, he refrains from taking evident risks just to please the audience. His performance today remains sober and relatively playful at the same time, as he is ready to outclass Leites in every aspects of the game, yet wisely avoids reckless attacks to give the experienced ground warrior opportunities to take the fight to low quarters, where the challenger possesses world-class level Jiu-Jitsu. The Main Event of the evening delivers a satisfactory tactical battle in which Silva reigns dominant in every round, yet the Champion is likely to face harsh criticism once again for not being as aggressive tonight as the Anderson Silva who stopped all opposition before the third round.

The Old Shogun Demolishes the Legend

UFC 97 Redemption marks the end of an era, as it is more than likely that Chuck „The Iceman" Liddell, one of the most dominant light heavyweights of mixed martial arts, will retire from professional level competition. Mauricio „Shogun" Rua was the most significant force in the Pride! days, but his UFC career did not turn out the way fans anticipated it to. Following two major knee reconstructions, Rua had a hard time to gain back his conditioning, resulting in an embarrassing performance against long time rival, 45 years old Mark Coleman. Liddell had a harsh period, as well, having four of his last five fights lost. The co-main event of the evening delivers a Shogun who seems to possess solid conditioning and a firm gameplan, landing efficient leg kicks on The Iceman who finds himself caught by a left hook that sends him to the canvas in the first round. Though Liddell tries to regain his composure, Rua is all over him and bangs out the TKO victory on the Legend.

Soszynski's Kimura vs Stann

Ultimate Fighter TV Show participant, nevertheless experienced MMA veteran Krysztof Soszynski utilizes his favorite kimura submission to greet Brian Stann in the UFC the bitter way. Soszynski takes the fight to the ground easily, completing his favorite kimura submission right after a near-successful first attempt.

Kongo Crushes Hardonk

Dutch sensation Antoni Hardonk is famous of having the most devastating leg kicks of present days mixed martial arts, it is of no surprise that French Colossus Cheick Kongo chooses to close the distance as soon as possible. Hardonk is willing to go to close quarters. While Kongo had major difficulties on the ground at the beginning of his MMA career, he seems to be more and more comfortable on the canvas. In the second round he is able to send Hardonk to the ground, where he punches out a stoppage on the Dutch with a rain of solid hammerfists.

Cane Greets Cantwell with Superior Power

Luiz Arthur Cane meets former WEC Lightweight Champion Steve Cantwell in an intense kickboxing battle. Cantwell has constant difficulty finding his range, harvesting moderate success in the second round of the bout. Cane though maintains the role of efficient aggressor throughout the remaining segments of the meeting, landing the more powerful attacks on the opposition. A decision win goes to Cane.

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