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Monday, December 14, 2009

Deluded Beggars of Delicate Invitations

There are superfools on the Internet, forming actual begging walls of worthless desires, with each individual whining for an invite for a specific site. I find this level of stupidity highly amusing. I found this at occult.biz for example. By the moment I checked, it was an invite only site. What is the next thing you do? Surely, you Google "occult.biz invite" with the hope that you will find information of what other people confronted with in your situation. And you will reach brief blog posts with dozens and dozens of random people and random gurus moaning in the comments about their respective pressing need of getting an invite to occult.biz as soon as possible, because they have utterly relevant information to share with the community of that prestigious site.

Naaaaah, they do not want to DOWNLOAD anything, noooo, they want to GIVE. Even better, some of these beggars are generous enough to project the promises of serious earthy blessings for you if you will send an invite for them. Imagine the powers of the Mega Guru of Unlimited and Highly Illegal Effectiveness who reigns in the position of being able to bless you thoroughly, but lacks the power to manifest a bloody occult.biz invite for herself/himself. What magnificent superfools. Superidiots, no doubt.

Now my question for you is this: How do you identify an individual not worth to be invited to a prestigious site at all?


That is the individual who whines publicly for an invite, thinking that her/his pressing needs have relevance for anyone else other than her/him. No, it has NOT, I assure you. As of the time of your devoted whining of subzero dignity and even less common sense, you are obviously not a member's friend, you are not a God and you certainly are not Louise Brooks. So why would anyone care? Nobody cares about your whining, sissy. Nobody. And this is the reason you whine, I'm afraid.

Whining will never get you such a precious commodity, because whining is for free, which is just fine, juuuust fine. Whining should be IT. I mean whining IS what should be free. When everyday average normal- and everyday average insane reality assumes that you have SOMETHING to do at that site, you WILL have your ACCESS to it. Now you fulfill an entire different function and this is: being a laugh and being a sear of it. Lady, Sir, I feel sorry for you. By the way, can someone please send me an invite to occult.biz?????????? Me has valubl infromration to tellyu, yse!!!! Almsot frogot, sned ti to zoltangyalog@gmail.com!!!!!!!!!!

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